ECOSEA es un dispositivo reductor de emisiones de gases contaminantes y consumo de combustible.

MJECO signs the Exclusive Representation and expansion at European level of the ECOSEA team for the Naval Sector with ECOSEA / ECOCARS. As well as the selection process in the search for Agents and Representatives.

EcoSea is a fuel optimization device to achieve more efficient combustion. This allows us:


What is EcoSea?

EcoSea is a Fuel Catalyst device that eliminates the external influence fields that affect gasoil/diesel and gasoline fuels.

EcoSea consists of a treatment of MINERALS. It does not contain chemical products or magnets, so we avoid the magnetic chaos and the direct and indirect harmful effects that devices based on magnetization can produce.

EcoSea achieves a more efficient combustion of fuel, which translates into obtaining energy savings (reduced consumption), time savings (engine performance) and reduction of the final combustion products (polluting emissions).

How does EcoSea work?

The vast majority of fuels are subject in their storage and transformation states to external influences. These external influences cause the fuel molecules to be arranged in space in such a way that at the moment of combustion they do not burn completely, losing energy efficiency and increasing emissions of polluting waste.

EcoSea eliminates these effects, achieving an optimal molecular arrangement for combustion.

By breaking these bonds, the combination with oxygen will be better, achieving greater efficiency of combustion and therefore a higher performance per unit of fuel.

EcoSea allows us to reduce fuel consumption, reduce polluting emissions and, at the same time, increase the performance and life of any combustion engine.

  1. Increase in the Cetane number of the fuel, higher quality combustion, better starting, less noise, …
  2. Increased Lubricity, protecting the good condition and maintenance of the pump.

Technical and economic benefits of ECOSEA

  1. Average reduction of fuel consumption of 5%.
  2. Increase the life of the engine by having less wear.
  3. Improves cold start and increases the duration of the ignition and exhaust systems.
  4. Improve the PAR motor, greater elasticity.
  5. Increase the duration and good condition of the engine oil.
  6. Provides greater performance and power to the engine.

Environmental and social benefits

  1. Average reduction of emissions of 40%, helping to reduce the effects of climate change.
  2. Reduces emissions of CH4 Hydrocarbons, Carbon Monoxide CO, and NOx Nitrogen Oxides
  3. It considerably reduces the emission of Particles and the Volatile Organic Compounds of diesel engines.
  4. The manufacturing process and the availability of raw materials allow the socialization of production and the development of local economies.


EcoSea consists of a treatment of MINERALS. It does not contain chemical products or MAGNETS. Acts on the fuel to achieve a more optimal mix with the oxygen, getting ionize the route of the same, to achieve a more efficient combustion. The device eliminates external influences that affect fuels, achieving an optimal molecular arrangement for combustion, which allows this material to behave naturally and results in a proposal of higher performance per unit of fuel